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6 Kazuya Has Emilia From Re:Zero Into The Love Triangle

6 Kazuya Has Emilia From Re:Zero Into The Love Triangle

Ruka Sarushina is another fan-favorite fictional character with this show. Beginning as another obstacle for Kazuya and Chizuru, this lady part eventually changed to that of an intimate competitor alternatively. No matter their reason, she acknowledges to passionate Kazuya, though he has a separate woman on his mind.

In this meme, Kazuya admits he’s actually crazy about Re:Zero’s Emilia, mirroring the scene where Rem confesses to Subaru but becomes rejected too. Irrespective, Kazuya have attitude for somebody else and bad Ruka joins Rem because dance club for heartbreak.

5 Mami Versus. The Boulder’s Conflicted Ideas

As you could most likely count on from witnessing Mami’s manipulative character and disdain for Kazuya and Chizuru

(whether their particular connection is actual or not), the character rapidly turned into probably one of the most hated figures for the anime. To an outsider who’sn’t heard of anime before, it may seem unjust— but with a close look, the reason behind the detest becomes obvious.

This meme hilariously depict that utilizing the pro-wrestler Earthbender from Avatar the past Airbender— The Boulder— in the place of the audience exactly who gets “over their conflicted attitude” after seeing Mami’s toxic attitude.