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We had prior to now recognized one to Dante try after the a couple most other poets (look for Purg

We had prior to now recognized one to Dante try after the a couple most other poets (look for Purg

Next, Virgil, by making Dante already been better, arranges something so that it is easier to handle your

XXVI.16-18) so we discover that Statius has been nearby your, which have Virgil at the forefront. As the Bosco/Reggio mention (comm. so you’re able to verse 47), Virgil’s tactic let me reveal reminiscent of their being trailing Dante to protect your regarding Geryon’s sting (Inf. XVII.83-84). Right here, however, you to definitely might put, Virgil is not concerned with securing Dante, however, of the chance he perform try to flee back through the flames. Which means Statius is implemented while the an effective rearguard, not facing any challenger, but up against the dubious commonly of your protagonist.


While you are that desires to look out for similar things, Virgil’s naming off Beatrice here stands for this new ninth big date you to definitely the lady name has appeared in the brand new poem while the past big date just before she names herself (Purg. Adult.73). Because the Dante wants to make use of the flow of 9 as well as step 1 to depict new movement off advisable that you greatest (Vita nuova: 9 appearance off Beatrice to Dante on the planet, in one single mode or some other, surmounted by the a 10th and you can beautiful eyes; Paradiso: 9 beautiful spheres surmounted because of the perfection of Empyrean [look for Hollander (“Vita Nuova: Dante’s Attitudes regarding Beatrice,” Dante Training ninety-five , pp. 1-18)]), it is at least possible that there surely is eg a program at the job on the appearance of one’s names from Beatrice inside the this an element of the poem.