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Magne was given birth to and spent several of his early youth in Edda.

Magne was given birth to and spent several of his early youth in Edda.

When his parent Asbjorn died in a bicycle accident, the guy, their mother Turid and his awesome uncle Laurits moved away.

Magne was raised into a timid teen, who had been nevertheless trying to overcome their father’s lack. But their life changed completely when he gone back to their home town, together with his household.

Upon his introduction, Magne support an old man on a electric motor scooter to modify the couch straight back on. A classic girl who views the boy helping the guy approaches, she rubs the girl give their forehead as well as in in this manner triggers the abilities for the thunder god Thor within man. [1]

He notices changes in himself since the guy arrived in Edda, especially he now possess superhuman energy and crisper senses. One-night, after obtaining inebriated by Jutuls, Magne would go to wash their face, and he sees himself as Thor for the echo. Which verifies the guy really is Thor, reborn. But Magne soon understands that he isn’t alone with superhuman know-how.

Following that, Magne eventually ends up engaging in a struggle against the leaders, nevertheless current in the world, while wanting to conform to the new abilities he’s acquired.

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As Seiers drive into Edda, their auto gets stuck behind a vintage guy on an electric powered scooter in the center of the street, who concerns a halt attempting to change correct. Magne chooses to get free from the automobile and attempts to help the old man. While he is in the process of assisting him, a vintage lady arrives of a hair salon and sees Magne. She ways him, informing him that he is a beneficial guy, and seems right up at your extremely before coming in contact with their forehead. An alteration flickers through their sight. This confuses Magne and makes him become embarrassing, as he will get back in the car, the guy tries to roll up the car window, best succeeding in breaking the home handle.