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You think because you make loveAn happy conclude inside a good whileoops

You think because you make loveAn happy conclude inside a good whileoops

Walking, run, leap, thoughtlessly towards a good circleSpineless usually to create again your own wheelHereCan your find it is the right time to discover the door are discover wide?Re-white lifetime…Might you select it is time to restore the new fate How about we your make an effort to learn how to fly?

And this facts ends, with an aspiration for the a crate, With an existence in the color, That have men lost once again in the same Tale

However, tell me the reasons why you can’t say noYou dont state noIt’s not hard to say noYou never say zero

However, tell me whyYou cannot state noSo let me know whyYou are unable to state noNow tell me whyYou cannot say zero…Oh no… There’s absolutely no way to end

Do you really believe as you consume, you never chewNo number how does they tasteGrilled bullshits or steamed liesThey will run as a consequence of from inside the good whileYou’re so happy when you citation her or him awayAnd thus satisfied to stay and smellHelp myself delight so you’re able to understandHave your ever before featured into the on your own

You think as you play you to songNo matter what’s getting saidDulcet colors and you may gleaming smilesEverything, only to appeal to this crowdLike a superstar you will stroll that it stageThen pray to the day fameThe facts are your have nothing so you’re able to sayHow can you pretend to appear to the yourself