When your intersection is more like a cul-de-sac

So all (relatively) sane people have established that Intersectional Feminism is the way forward. Super important step.

So now we’ve got a whole lot of people going BE INTERSECTIONAL while posting (accidentally?) exclusionary stuff.

Problem is when told that they’re not being inclusive and listening to people on the margins they’re getting defensive AF.

“That’s not what I meant! They don’t understand what this is really about! We need to look at the bigger picture!”


It’s really easy to talk about missing the forest for the trees when you the forest looks exactly like you. A lot of us are only visible as trees and get blended away when you pull out to look at the forest.

I read so many “well reasoned” facebook treatises that basically amounted to either “suck it up WOC, trans* this is more important” or #notallwhitewomen or #notallciswomen

What the hell is the point?